What happened to George Floyd?

George Floyd, a name that has been everywhere now for the past few weeks and for all the right reasons.George Floyd is a victim of the racism profound in America , that has infiltrated the society, institutions and is something that is normalized in the minds of the country’s people.

Why George Floyd made the news ,because he was murdered in cold blood in broad daylight in the streets of Minneapolis, by a police officer named Derek Chauvin. What unfolded was truly horrible and distasteful to watch as shown in the footage recorded by a bystander.

The video shows two police officers one Derek Chauvin and another white male, interrogating the victim, Floyd by clamping down on his neck with him handcuffed and laid down on the road beside a vehicle.Floyd was arrested for allegedly using a counterfeit bill , in a store nearby.At this point I am not sure if he even knew the 20 dollar bill was counterfeit.

There was a third officer who was preventing the intervention of the bystanders.Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes , during which Floyd begged for his life saying “I can’t breathe”.I don’t f***n care if you are black, white , asian or whatever, that’s a human being in front of you begging for mercy.If he even had the slightest of empathy , he would have let off the knee, but instead the officer was too arrogant, eventually suffocating and killing the victim.

Really , its just a basic lack of empathy for your fellow being, the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being. Police brutality, lack of accountability whatever you wanna call it.My first response when I saw this ” how could he do such a thing , what did that guy ever do that deserved him such a tragic death”.

I doubt it if Derek would have done the same thing if the accused was white, instead of an African-American.May be its the way the American society is designed to think , stereotypes embedded deep in its values and culture that “Whites are superior , blacks are filth”.But to describe the entire population as racists would be stupid.

Since its the age of the internet and social media boom, Nothing stays hidden , especially with a footage like that.The news spread like fire or may be the video and led to massive uproar and protests among the population with the slogan “black lives matter”.Initially the protests were limited to some of the states and eventually spread the whole country.

The upsurge became more profound in later weeks with protests held in nations like UK, Canada as well making a stand against the racism suffered by black people.

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