Jigsaw Academy Data Science review: placements analyzed

Anyone interested in learning data science must have come across Jigsaw Academy, at least those in India. I saw a lot of queries online asking for Jigsaw Academy’s data science course reviews especially since Jigsaw states placements are guaranteed.

Being a data science aspirant myself I was looking to join a data science course and that’s how I stumbled upon their company. Jigsaw academy’s data science course is the top-rated data science course by analytics India mag.

Everywhere I read, the course is very positively reviewed. I felt a bit skeptical, so I did a little digging around.

I checked upon Jigsaw Academy’s website. The classroom course for a masters in data science costs a whopping 5 lakhs + GST. If you include hostel fees it becomes 6,15,000 + GST.

Jigsaw also states that candidates will get guaranteed placement on completion of their classroom course on data science.

Before paying such a huge amount I felt it is necessary to do a little research on their placements and stuff.

Jigsaw Academy Quora reviews

First I checked upon Quora for Jigsaw Academy’s data science course reviews and this is what I found.

jigsaw academy data science review quora
jigsaw academy data science course review quora

jigsaw academy data science review quora

Apparently, some of these reviews are anonymous and most of them are written by Jigsaw academy staff. I found that the reviews posted on Quora cannot be trusted fully.

Jigsaw Academy Data Science: Google Reviews

I felt more confused with the reviews posted on Quora.So I did a little more digging around. I came across another website called ‘Analytics Vidhya’ which offers fully online data science courses.This company is a competitor to Jigsaw Academy so take the reviews listed below with a pinch of salt.

jigsaw academy data science review analytics vidhya

This guy is certainly not happy with their courses. some more reviews below.

jigsaw academy data science review analytics vidhya

I found the above review, the same posted on Quora. This guy has actually copy-pasted the same review from Quora.

jigsaw academy data science review quora

The account is not fake. Is he doing it on purpose to put down Jigsaw Academy, I don’t know about that.

The more I go after these reviews the more confused I get. Who is telling the truth and who is lying. Some of these people might be telling the truth as well. I came to the conclusion that Jigsaw Academy’s data science course content is average, not bad nor excellent.

Jigsaw Academy Placement Reviews

Placements are the life-blood of a course.That’s what I believe.I have attached the details on placement below as listed on their website.

Below is a snippet from Jigsaw Academy’s website. You should also be aware that guaranteed placements are only applicable to only the master’s in data science course.

Jigsaw academy placements review

Jigsaw Academy Placement Packages offered

The Jigsaw staff told me that students get placed with packages of a minimum of 5-6 lakhs per annum. And the highest packages reach up to 12 lakhs. Wondering how I got this? well, I contacted them on their master’s courses and enquired about the placements. Another thing I want to mention is that this is for the Bangalore campus. I don’t have much details about other campuses including the one in Hyderabad.

Can you trust Jigsaw’s placement claims?

The best way to learn if the course constructors in this case ‘Jigsaw’ is telling the truth is to ask the students enrolled there. So I went off to Linkedin at least you will get to know some real people there.

I searched for Jigsaw Academy on ‘Linkedin’ and checked the Alumni section. I found a whole lot of profiles and it can be quite tedious to ask a bunch of strangers about a course. So I created a message and copied the same and sent it to some of them.

I asked about the placement support they got from Jigsaw. Believe me, they are not satisfied.

I have attached the screenshots of the chats below.

jigsaw academy placements review

jigsaw academy placements review

The above are profiles of real people that I have interacted with. Most of the replies were the course is okay but they don’t give any placements. Now one of them is enrolled in the online course and the other in the classroom course.

Conclusion on Jigsaw Academy data science courses

Now I know it’s difficult to understand whom to trust when it comes to reviews. But do keep in mind that I am a data science aspirant myself. I was on the verge of opting for their course. But then I could not find any legitimate reviews that could be fully trusted.

Some of these people do get placed though. There are a couple of profiles listed on Jigsaw’s website shown as proof of their placement feature.

I did a little snooping around ( again! ). I checked these profiles on Linkedin.It’s true they do work in big companies like ‘Amazon’ and ‘Fractal Analytics’ after doing the course.But you guys should hear this too, these people already had stellar profiles.

Apparently, if you already have got working experience with top companies, you are much ahead of the competition. So It’s not really Jigsaw who’s doing the hard work. These guys already were on top before and the course acted as a push.

Finally, I have made up my mind, if money is not an issue you can go for it. I recommend a classroom course since it’s better than staring at a screen all the time. But for those not so fortunate with riches leave it.

You should keep this in mind too, if you are really passionate about data science you’ll find another way. Cheers and do share your opinions below.

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