How to prepare for DILR in the cat exam?

The DILR section in the cat exam is one of the toughest and I’m sure most people would agree. As far as I know, there is no specified syllabus for the DILR section. The DILR in the CAT is known for ambiguity, uncertainty, and for its ability to surprise the test takers. For some, this topic may seem out of context, apologies first. But I need to get something out to any serious cat aspirant struggling in DILR ( data interpretation and logical reasoning) trying to get into IIM s or any top b-school.

My background

First of all a little background, I have given the cat multiple times and failed miserably. I have spent 2 years at home studying for the cat (can you believe it? ). It might sound ridiculous but I was desperate and as a matter of fact, I still am. Now I’m at a crossroads where I don’t know what to do next and have completely wasted the last 3 years of my life.

Now a little more about why I have decided to write this article. You see recently I attempted the cat, my 2nd attempt. The experience was absolutely horrible. I absolutely messed up the DILR section. My poor performance in DILR carried over to the quantitative section. I don’t even like recollecting what happened in the exam hall. I literally cried after I got home. So basically what unfolded in the exam hall was that I had a panic attack.

After this attempt, I have had several learnings that I would like to share. And I promise if you realize these, it will definitely make a positive impact.

Things that Every Cat Aspirant should realize

1.The cat exam is an aptitude test

It doesn’t matter if you prepare for the cat for 5 years or 1 month. Basically what the cat does is it tests you on 10th standard mathematics. Now even though I said long-term preparation won’t help there is more. Brushing up on your mathematical concepts definitely helps at least for the quants section. But when it comes to DILR, strategy and a little tweaking of solving methods helps.

2.Its the pressure that makes or breaks you

The horrible experience I endured serves as proof that it’s the pressure that kills you. Why, because I was able to solve everything once I got home.The more relaxed you are the better your performance. For instance, my DILR mock scores at home are always decent. Sadly I couldn’t carry it over to the exam.

How to Prepare for DILR ?

1.Know what DILR in cat is all about

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